Importance of Integrating Social Media into Your Web Design

In order to drive traffic to your site, social media needs to be used. Most websites use social media as part of their strategy in marketing. It is a great way to attract potential customers. At the same time, customers are able to interact with business owners through the use of social media. This allows a unique relationship that is personalized in a way that builds loyalty in customers and repeat sales, making it a great reason to merge your website with social media.

web-design-social-media-integrationWhen you merge your website with social media, you are giving yourself a constant connection with your customers. Even when customers no longer surf your website, they still have a connection with your business through social media. Here are some of the reasons you should integrate social media into the design of your website:

  1. Possibilities for Sharing: This is likely the number one reason to have social media integrated into your web design. Your visitors are given the opportunity to share your site with their friends through social media. This could greatly increase your amount of potential customers by spreading the word on what you have to offer to a large amount of people that you otherwise would not have had. At the same time, your Google ratings increase the more your page is shared. As those ratings increase, you move up in your rankings on search engines, making your page receive more traffic. This is a pretty easy way to bring you traffic that you would have to fight for otherwise through search engine optimization.
  2. Opening up Comments:  Once your pages are shared, allowing comments on your products can speak volumes. Not only does it give you another perspective on your products, but satisfied customers and good reviews are a great marketing solution. Potential customers rely on other customer comments to drive their decision, much like word of mouth referrals. The only catch is when you receive unprofessional comments.  They are also able to influence potential customers so you will need to ensure that all comments are added using the real names of customers, thus making it more likely for them to post comments responsibly.
  3. Allow Customers to Login to Your Site with Social Media Logins: Allowing customers to login to your site using their login info from Google, Yahoo, or Facebook makes is quicker for them to enter their credentials to share the page or post a comment. It speeds up the process, making it more likely for them to share your page. It is also cheaper to maintain and more personalized.

Though today’s business climate has changed drastically over the past decade, many of the traditional marketing principles still stand strong. By becoming more open and available to your customers through social media, you expand the possibilities for your business to grow and bring in more customers.