Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

Over the past several years, social media sites, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, have become a huge platform for those who own businesses because of their huge potential in marketing. The idea that you can give your business exposure all over the world to millions of people is a very tempting facet of advertising. It can make it simple to build up your brand and increase your profits by only getting business from a fraction of those people you are able to reach.

With that in mind, is it effective enough to just advertise on social media then sit back and watch it rake in the leads?  The answer is no.  In order to maximize social media, you have to put in a lot of work and continue to tweak it. How can you most effectively use social media to your advantage?

Let’s say you own a dog grooming business, for the sake of this tutorial. These would be steps for you to take:

  1. Keep your social media updated. You always need to keep fresh content on your pages.  You could, perhaps, post links to articles about grooming or write your own article that links to your website and business contact information. Your customers will stay more in touch with you when they see regular, fresh content. It also makes them feel like you are a professional in your field.
  2. Post content that is relevant. Your posts do not have to be long ones about why grooming is important.  They can just be pictures of videos on topics that are relevant to your business. As an example, you may want to post a video that shows them how to do basic grooming themselves. This will help you build your authority as people look for information online.
  3. Offer some incentives for people to share your content. The more people who share your business pages, the more your brand will be effectively built. The best way to get your business out there is by others sharing your information with those in their social circles. If you offer an incentive for people to share your business online, you will greatly increase the amount of shares in a short period of time. By having one hundred people share your site, you have the potential to reach thousands of people that you otherwise would not have.  This makes it a win-win situation for both your customer and you.

None of these ideas are very time consuming.  You will just need to set aside a few hours of your time to manage the social media accounts for your business.  Doing so can potentially take your business a long way.


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