Google my business listings and why you should get one

What is a GMB or Google My business listing? Many small business owners overlook this step when starting their business but it can be a very effective way to get more business, leads and traffic to your site. A google my business listing requires a physical address to set up but you can still set one up if you don’t plan to see customers or clients at your physical location however it is very important that you state that when setting up your business. It is also a good idea to add your business hours, description, as many pictures as possible and then once everything is set up how you want it you can hit “verify”. Once you have set up your listing and hit verify, google will review it and you should receive a postcard in the mail with a number on it and then you can verify your account. Then google will activate your listing and hopefully, you will be seen in the search engines map pack.




The Map pack is the 3 listing that they show when you google a certain business. If you aren’t in the top three there are ways to help your business get to those top 3 spots which will ensure more exposure for your business and hopefully more clients. One of those is doing citations. Citations are basically taking the Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) of your business that google gave you and putting that in as many different directories around the web as possible. Some example would be Facebook, Yelp, Yellow pages and Bing. We have a list of the top citations to list your business in plus we can figure out your top competitors and where they are listed and make sure that you are positioned similarly and competitively against them to help your chances of being seen in that coveted top 3 spot.


Please reach out to us if you have any question or would like to know more about Google my business listings or citations.

Search Engine Marketing

Have you considered doing search engine marketing for your business?  Do you know what search engine marketing is?  Well, to put it simply, it is a way to increase the position of a website on the result page of a search engine. Though that is a simple explanation, search engine marketing is a lot more complex. It includes a lot of techniques and strategies that are covered below.

sf_semintroSearch Engine Optimization (SEO):  Search Engine Optimization is a process used to increase the search engine ranking of a web site for different keywords. This is typically done using techniques both onpage and offpage. The factors for onpage SEO include things like H1 and H2 tags, internal linking, keyword densities, meta tags, and title tags. SEO that is offpage usually entails getting links from trusted web sites and from web directories that are high quality. One of the biggest parts of offpage SEO is getting links that have the desired keywords in the anchor text.

Advertising with Pay Per Click (PPC): Pay Per Click Advertising has become a lot more popular in the past few years. PPC advertising gives your business the opportunity to list your web site in different areas of search engines (like on the side of a Google page) or on web sites that are relevant to yours (such as a site that is similar to yours that includes Google AdSense). Each time someone clicks on your link, you pay the bid amount. Using a campaign with PPC can be a great way to draw in a lot of traffic or to establish your brand name. This sort of advertising is best for new web sites that have not been online long enough to get their rankings up otherwise because of their age.

Social Media Optimization: Social media optimization is the newest technique used in search engine marketing of the three listed here. This form of marketing uses social media sites ( like Digg and Reddit) to bring in traffic and backlinks. This is often called link bait, used to create content for web sites on social media specifically.

Whatever method you use for search engine marketing, make sure it works for your business and has a good return of investment for your time and your money.

Adding Social Media to Your Toolbox

Most business owners get tired of having to pay to bring in traffic to their website and increase their rankings on search engines. Competition online continues to get harder and harder. There are ways to be smarter, though, rather than spending more money.  By being smarter about it, you can generate more traffic to your website absolutely free!  How so?  Well, through social media.

socialmediaSocial media is the future of all internet marketing. It is free to get started on sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Once your business is on these sites, invite your friends and family to start following you and sharing your page with others. This will help generate traffic to your site and, best of all, it is completely free. It takes a lot less work than advertising did in the past but is a lot more productive. Linking these social media sites will also help your money site to rank higher in search engines.

The important thing is to use social marketing correctly by linking directly to your site from your sites on social media. Once that is done, you can watch the traffic flow right in. For instance, if you own a carpet cleaning business, you will want to set up a site for your business on all social outlets.  Have the social sites link back to your website, such as then watch as the hits on your website come in.  We can all use more traffic to our websites, right?

A fact that many business owners do not realize is that social media sites have a lot more traffic than Google does. By using the right strategies, you can put your website at the forefront of that traffic so you won’t have to rely on Google to bring traffic to your sites. By doing this, you will not have to rely on things like AdWords or other kinds of advertising that can become costly.

You will not want to stop other forms of advertising or your Google rankings, though, when your social media sites begin bringing in business. Those forms are still important for your business. Using social media is just another way to help you bring in customers on top of other advertising.

Importance of Integrating Social Media into Your Web Design

In order to drive traffic to your site, social media needs to be used. Most websites use social media as part of their strategy in marketing. It is a great way to attract potential customers. At the same time, customers are able to interact with business owners through the use of social media. This allows a unique relationship that is personalized in a way that builds loyalty in customers and repeat sales, making it a great reason to merge your website with social media.

web-design-social-media-integrationWhen you merge your website with social media, you are giving yourself a constant connection with your customers. Even when customers no longer surf your website, they still have a connection with your business through social media. Here are some of the reasons you should integrate social media into the design of your website:

  1. Possibilities for Sharing: This is likely the number one reason to have social media integrated into your web design. Your visitors are given the opportunity to share your site with their friends through social media. This could greatly increase your amount of potential customers by spreading the word on what you have to offer to a large amount of people that you otherwise would not have had. At the same time, your Google ratings increase the more your page is shared. As those ratings increase, you move up in your rankings on search engines, making your page receive more traffic. This is a pretty easy way to bring you traffic that you would have to fight for otherwise through search engine optimization.
  2. Opening up Comments:  Once your pages are shared, allowing comments on your products can speak volumes. Not only does it give you another perspective on your products, but satisfied customers and good reviews are a great marketing solution. Potential customers rely on other customer comments to drive their decision, much like word of mouth referrals. The only catch is when you receive unprofessional comments.  They are also able to influence potential customers so you will need to ensure that all comments are added using the real names of customers, thus making it more likely for them to post comments responsibly.
  3. Allow Customers to Login to Your Site with Social Media Logins: Allowing customers to login to your site using their login info from Google, Yahoo, or Facebook makes is quicker for them to enter their credentials to share the page or post a comment. It speeds up the process, making it more likely for them to share your page. It is also cheaper to maintain and more personalized.

Though today’s business climate has changed drastically over the past decade, many of the traditional marketing principles still stand strong. By becoming more open and available to your customers through social media, you expand the possibilities for your business to grow and bring in more customers.


Building Your Social Networks

A great way to enhance your brand is by building your networks within social media. It isn’t just a matter of creating your social media sites, though. These sites will only flourish when you take care of them.

The idea of using social media for your business can be an exciting one. You need to remember, though, that social media works in a lot of the same ways as your offline engagements. You have to have a plan to bring people in to your page. In order to make money online, you need to have direction within your social media network.

sn5To get your business started in social media, you will need to have a vision and an objective. Start with an objective, noting how you desire to see your social media presence grow your business. Once your objectives have been defined, start creating strategies that will help direct people to your network. The best people to attract are those that need your services. Find an area online where you can promote your site and drive the traffic to your network. Be sure to continue caring for your current customers since they can also bring in new customers fro you. You will also want to build relationships with others in the digital world so they can help you drive your brand.

As you tap into others in the digital world, they can become brand ambassadors for you. A brand ambassador can help to advocate your brand and how others see your brand. This will not only bring in more customers, but also help to create a bigger network for you through social media, adding value to your business. These ambassadors will also have their own platforms in social media where they can help get information out to the masses about your brand.

When you are wanting to build your network, an important thing to know is where your customers are. Where do they spend their time? When you find that out, you will need to bait them to come to your site. One way to do this is through joining other websites and begin sharing information there.

With all of these tips, it is best to always be authentic. With so much online being untrue or unreal, you want your customers to know you are genuine. Be sure to always come off as helpful by understanding the needs of your customers and working towards helping them with their needs. By doing this, you can build trust and real relationships with your customers that are both meaningful and valuable.

Once your social media is up and running, create a mechanism for customer feedback.  This will help you measure your success online. It will also help the customer feel more listened to and appreciated, thus keeping them wanting to stay in your network.

Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

Over the past several years, social media sites, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, have become a huge platform for those who own businesses because of their huge potential in marketing. The idea that you can give your business exposure all over the world to millions of people is a very tempting facet of advertising. It can make it simple to build up your brand and increase your profits by only getting business from a fraction of those people you are able to reach.

With that in mind, is it effective enough to just advertise on social media then sit back and watch it rake in the leads?  The answer is no.  In order to maximize social media, you have to put in a lot of work and continue to tweak it. How can you most effectively use social media to your advantage?

Let’s say you own a dog grooming business, for the sake of this tutorial. These would be steps for you to take:

  1. Keep your social media updated. You always need to keep fresh content on your pages.  You could, perhaps, post links to articles about grooming or write your own article that links to your website and business contact information. Your customers will stay more in touch with you when they see regular, fresh content. It also makes them feel like you are a professional in your field.
  2. Post content that is relevant. Your posts do not have to be long ones about why grooming is important.  They can just be pictures of videos on topics that are relevant to your business. As an example, you may want to post a video that shows them how to do basic grooming themselves. This will help you build your authority as people look for information online.
  3. Offer some incentives for people to share your content. The more people who share your business pages, the more your brand will be effectively built. The best way to get your business out there is by others sharing your information with those in their social circles. If you offer an incentive for people to share your business online, you will greatly increase the amount of shares in a short period of time. By having one hundred people share your site, you have the potential to reach thousands of people that you otherwise would not have.  This makes it a win-win situation for both your customer and you.

None of these ideas are very time consuming.  You will just need to set aside a few hours of your time to manage the social media accounts for your business.  Doing so can potentially take your business a long way.